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Movie Awards Finish The Phrase

Movie Awards Finish The Phrase

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Are you seeking a fun and engaging activity to add to your TV & Film awards viewing party?

If so, this fun "Finish the Phrase" game from Party Prints Press is just what you need!

The rules are simple: players will be given several "starter words" related to the film industry. 

Their job is to creatively add additional words to "finish the phrase".

First, one person at random will fill out the sheet, thus creating the answer key.

Then, it's up to the remaining guests to fill in the blanks with their best guess for the answer key.

Whoever gets the most correct answers wins the game!

It's a simple, fun game that gets everyone going - and the hint of randomness makes it hilarious at times, too!

-8.5x11 Game PDF
-Two 5.7 card games on one 8.5x11 PDF to save paper

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