About Me


Hi, my name is Alexandria (but you can call me Alex). Welcome to my shop!

A while back I attended my sister's surprise 40th birthday and nursing school graduation celebration.

Being the introvert I am, I was a little nervous before the big day because it was a huge blend of our immediate family, her extended family, her nursing school friends, friends from church, folks from various hobbies, and more...

Nobody would really know each other!

What's more, for several weeks before the event, our dear mom was so stressed out... poor thing. She was calling and planning and scheduling and buying decorations and sending invites.

As if wanting to make the event beautiful and organized wasn't already overwhelming on its own, she was also concerned about making the party actually fun! Needless to say... it was intense!

My initial plan of action was to cling to my husband all night and duck out as soon as I could do so without looking weird or unsupportive.

But when Mom broke out a series of cool party games and activities, the party became a huge hit! We all mingled with each other so effortlessly and had a great time answering trivia questions, completing challenges, and honoring my sister for her important milestones.

And I was *amazed* by how it brought all of us, from all walks of life, together.

(People on Facebook STILL have inside jokes stemming from it!)

Through my mom sharing her experience planning it all out, I saw first-hand how challenging and stressful event planning can be. And as a socially awkward and anxious person who actively *cringes* at the idea of having to make small talk with strangers, I know all too well how some guests may feel uncomfortable at gatherings where they don't know everyone.

After witnessing how a simple set of fun and relevant games could take some of the stress off of the party planner's back AND bring guests together... I knew I wanted to create an affordable solution to help event planners relax into knowing - for sure - that their guests will have a great time!

So I created Party Prints Press to share the best activities to make your event one to remember.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something you absolutely love