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Creepy Dollhouse Escape Room

Creepy Dollhouse Escape Room

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You and your best girlfriends received a luxurious invite to a posh doll-themed party at the coolest mansion in town. Looking for something uniqe to do on girls' night, you figured, "Why not?" You dressed up as incredibly convincing dolls, shimmied on over to the mansion and walked right on in!

No sooner than you all stepped foot inside, the doors locked behind you, all the lights went out, and the house began to shake...

And when the light came on you couldn't believe what happened - you were shrunk to the size of REAL dolls!

Whatever will you do? How will you escape?

Can you uncover the secrets of the mansion and find your way out before becoming permanent residents of this doll-sized world?

Figure it out fast because time's ticking...


👉 What is this?

The Dollhouse Escape Room is a printable game designed for immersive play at gatherings like Halloween parties, slumber parties, girls' nights, and bachelorette parties. It features a compelling storyline and a series of ten creatively linked puzzles, each flowing logically to the next, unraveling the mystery as you move from room to room within the dollhouse.

👉 Who it's for:

This game is perfect for older teenagers and adults aged 16 and up. It offers a unique blend of suspense and interactive fun, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of adventure to their female-centric gatherings.

Younger players may enjoy it as well, but depending on skill level and ability they may find it challenging without help.

👉 What you'll need:

No props are necessary—just download, print, and play! This activity contains everything you need for an engaging escape experience, allowing you to transform any space into a spooky dollhouse adventure.

👉 What you'll receive:

  • Detailed instruction guide and FAQ
  • Engaging mission statement & background info to immerse players in the dollhouse scenario
  • 10 puzzles of varying difficulty to challenge and entertain
  • Blank recording sheets to track your discoveries
  • Answer key for puzzle verification
  • Congratulations and Uh-oh props for pass/fail
  • Hint cards to help if you get stuck

👉 Game Duration:

Expect 45-60 minutes of gameplay, depending on the skill level and puzzle-solving speed of the group.

Whether you’re hosting a spooky Halloween bash, a magical birthday, or a whimsical ladies' night, the Dollhouse Escape Room promises an unforgettable experience that’s just as fun as it is challenging.

Download your copy today and step into a miniature world of mystery and adventure!

You will receive:

  • One color PDF 8.5x11
  • One Black & White PDF 8.5x11 to save on ink

*This is a digital item – no physical product will be shipped.

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