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Pumpkin Patch Escape Room (Ages 6-9)

Pumpkin Patch Escape Room (Ages 6-9)

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Escape the Mundane With The New Pumpkin Patch Adventure! (9 Puzzle-Escape Room)

Specially designed for children aged 6-9, this printable escape room game transforms any space into the enchanting Sunnyvale Pumpkin Patch, home to the mysterious Great Pumpkin!

Perfect for birthday parties, classroom activities, or a fun autumn project, this game promotes reading, simple mathematics, and critical thinking without the need for screens.

No props or extensive preparations are required—just download, print, and embark on the pumpkin-filled adventure!

Each puzzle is intuitively designed to foster problem-solving skills and individual or cooperative play.

What’s included in your download:
-A PDF game guide (8.5 x 11 format)
-9 delightful puzzle challenges that enhance critical thinking and collaborative skills
-Recording sheet to track clues and progress
-Simple setup instructions
-Hint cards for those tricky moments
-FAQs to ensure a smooth experience
-Colorful prop signs to enrich the gameplay and engagement

This exciting adventure is hassle-free and packed with all the necessary materials, ensuring you bring the magic of the pumpkin patch right into your home or classroom.

The Storyline:
Oh no! At Sunnyvale Pumpkin Patch, something mystical has happened during the autumn festival. The Great Pumpkin has grown enormous overnight, and its sprawling vines have locked all the gates!

You and your friends are the Pumpkin Patch Pals, renowned for your quick thinking and problem-solving skills. The pumpkin patch needs your help to tame the Great Pumpkin and find a way out.

Your mission is adventurous and thrilling:
-Gather your team.
-Solve the nature-themed puzzles.
-Find the enchanted seeds.
-Shrink the Great Pumpkin and escape the patch!

Your mission is adventurous and thrilling:
Playtime: 45-60 minutes

Suitable for any number of players, from just one child to groups of any size
Perfect for an educational party or a whimsical afternoon, the Pumpkin Patch Adventure invites young minds to explore, learn, and collaborate in a vibrant setting.

Download your adventure today to make your child’s playtime both fun and educational!

You will receive:
One color PDF 8.5x11

*This is a digital item – no physical product will be shipped.

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