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Icebreaker Games Bundle (18 Games)

Icebreaker Games Bundle (18 Games)

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Are you hosting a social gathering and looking for cute and fun icebreaker games to ensure everyone has an incredible time? 

Make your event more engaging with this printable 18-game bundle of icebreaker games from Party Prints Press! 

This set of fun games is perfect for all sorts of events, from housewarming parties to corporate or work dinners, lunch or brunch party entertainment, and more!

Whether you’re reconnecting with people you already know well or hosting a group of people who don't yet know each other that much, rest assured knowing that you've got everything you need to make sure everyone feels comfortable, engaged, and will have a fantastic time.

These games work well for church groups, schools, and colleges, and they can even go great at Senior Citizen's Centers or hospitals.

You can even play these games with your family members and friends on birthdays, retirement, going away parties, family reunion gatherings, and more!

-This printable Icebreaker Party Games bundle is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD, so you don’t have to wait - simply download, print as many copies as you want, and enjoy! 
-Each set of games comes in two sizes. You can print full-size with one page per US Letter (8.5x11) sheet or save paper and money by printing two cards per page. 
-Answer keys are included where relevant

Games Included:
1- Answer Fast
2- Try Not To Say
3- Selfie Scavenger Hunt
4- Find the Guest
5- Scattered Categories  
6- Finish the Phrase
7- A to Z Race
8- Anagram Race
9- Word Scramble
10- Pass the Prize
11- Easy Word Search
12- Tricky Word Search
13- Find the Guest BINGO
14- Around the World
15- World Cuisine Trivia
16- Etiquette Quiz
17- Weird Food Laws True or False
18- Spices Picture Quiz

You will receive 3 sets of files: 
1- One PDF of ALL games in one file, size 8.5x11 
2- One PDF of ALL games in one file with two 5x7 cards per sheet
3-  Answer keys for relevant games

*This is an instant download - no product will be shipped

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