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Galentine's Drunk Dice

Galentine's Drunk Dice

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Looking for a fun and easy icebreaker game to play at your next Galentine's or Valentine's party? This drunk dice game allows you and your guests to get tipsy together and have loads of fun!

Adding the rolling of the dice introduces the excitement of a game of chance, and the action prompts include various options to sip, pass, or complete fun challenges.


How to Play:
* Each player takes a turn rolling the dice. After rolling the pair of dice, find the question where the two numbers come together on the grid. The player reads the question out loud and answers it in front of the group. Allow in-depth answers and further questions to be asked of each player - this makes the game more fun.
* Pass the dice to the next player and repeat the process until you are satisfied.
* If a player lands on a question they do not wish to answer or makes them uncomfortable, let them re-roll the dice or skip their turn.

Helpful tips:
* Print on thicker stock paper, use page protectors or laminate the pages for durability and reuse.
* Use two different colored dice and assign one to the top row and one to the bottom row to keep things orderly. Or, you can also roll one die at a time to determine the right question.
* Methods of use include printing one sheet per player, passing one sheet around with the die to each player, or casting the image to a TV screen or monitor for everyone to view simultaneously.
*Use the game as-is, or use it in connection with another game where the "loser" of a round rolls the dice, using this board as the consequence.

-Dicey Dares PDF
-Blank Dicey Dares PDF
-Size- 8.5”x11” (US Letter)

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