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Basketball Pass The Prize

Basketball Pass The Prize

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Are you seeking a fun and engaging activity to celebrate a basketball game or another basketball-themed party?

Whether you've got kids, teens, adults, and even seniors in your gathering or group, this fun Pass The Prize game from Party Prints Press is just what you need!

This game is a simple poem that you can read aloud to participants or print out a copy for each to read along!

You'll need a small gift to give the winner of this game. A simple gift card is always a great idea for older kids/teens or adults, while for smaller kids, a little chocolate or toy works great!

How it works:
1. Read the poem aloud or together
2. Follow the instructions for where the gift goes as it moves around the room
3. Whoever winds up holding the gift by the end of the poem gets to keep it!

It's so simple and tons of fun!

-8.5x11 Game PDF
-Two 5.7 card games on one 8.5x11 PDF to save paper

This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No physical Item will be shipped.

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