16 Fun St. Patrick's Day Games For A Memorable Celebration

16 Fun St. Patrick's Day Games For A Memorable Celebration

Are you gearing up for a fantastic St. Patrick's Day celebration? Whether you're planning a lively office party, a spirited pub crawl with friends, or even a cozy brunch with the gals, you'll need some pre-planned activities to make sure your event is one to remember!

Lucky for you, this set of St. Patrick's Day-themed games adds some fun and engaging Irish charm to your gathering! This collection of printable party games will have everyone laughing, bonding, and enjoying the spirit of the holiday.

Say goodbye to the hassle of planning and hello to affordable fun!

Let's dive into the excitement, one game at a time!


1- Answer Fast (Think Quick)

think quick st pats party game

Test your quick thinking and lightning-fast reflexes with this thrilling game.

There's a set of prompts and you set a timer for 1-2 minutes to see who can come up with three items in that category the fastest.

Whoever finishes first and with the most accurate answers - wins!

Get your Answer Fast game here.



2- Act it Out

Get ready to put on your best acting skills and have a blast miming your way through various scenarios.

This St. Patrick's Day game puts an Irish twist on the classic charades game with interesting and unique prompts.

Guaranteed to have your guests in stitches!


3- Try Not To Say

Challenge your vocabulary and your friends' self-control in this super-fun game! You'll give each guest two clothespins to pin onto their clothes, and every time someone says the special word - whoever grabs their clothespin first gets to keep it!

Whoever holds the most clothespins in their possession by the end of the game - wins!


4- Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Capture the magic of St. Patrick's Day with a selfie scavenger hunt.

This printable game lists several selfies that guests will have to capture by the end of the party.

Whoever winds up with the most selfies the fastest, wins!


5- Find the Guest BINGO

Get to know your fellow partygoers with this game of Find the Guest BINGO.

Each guest will receive a bingo card with different characteristics or hobbies listed in each square.

As they mingle and socialize, guests will try to find someone who fits each description, and mark off their bingo card accordingly.

The first person to get a full row wins!

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6- Scattered Categories

Also known as "Scattergories",  this game is perfect for a group of friends or family looking to have some friendly competition.

Players will be given a list of categories such as "types of beer" or "Irish cities", and a letter of the alphabet.

They will then have to come up with as many items that fit into each category, starting with the given letter, within a designated time limit.

The player with the most unique answers wins!


7- Finish the Phrase

finish the phrase st patricks day game

Finish the phrase is great because each guest will receive a card that has one word per line on it.

You'll select one person at random to create the answer key - and they will write a second word on the line to complete the phrase as they desire.

Everyone else has one or two minutes to finish the phrase as they think the answer key says.

Whoever has the most matching answers with the key wins a prize!

It's also a great way to break the ice and get everyone engaged in some friendly competition.

The best part about finish the phrase is that it can be played with any number of players, making it a versatile option for any type of event or party.

Get your Finish The Phrase printable game here.


8- St. Patrick's A to Z

Next up, challenge your knowledge of St. Patrick's Day-themed words starting with each letter of the alphabet.

This game is perfect for a smaller group or as an icebreaker at the beginning of your event.

Each person takes turns going through the alphabet and coming up with a relevant St. Patrick's Day word for each letter.

Get creative and see who can come up with the most unique words!

You can also turn it into a drinking game by taking a sip every time someone repeats a word or can't think of one in time.

This game is sure to bring lots of laughs and test everyone's knowledge of all things Irish.


9- Make Some Words

Make Some Words is a fun word scramble-type game where you're given one word such as "Leprechaun" and guests get a few minutes to come up with as many smaller words as possible.

The person with the most correct words wins a prize!

You can also make it into a team game by dividing guests into groups and seeing which team can come up with the most words.


10- Candy Dice

This game is perfect for a St. Patrick's Day party with those who have a sweet tooth!

It's a sweet alternative to the popular drinking dice game that's always a big hit at parties.

All you need is a pair of dice and some candy such as Skittles, M&Ms, or any other small treats.

Each person takes turns rolling the dice and based on the numbers rolled, they get to take that number of candies from a bowl in the middle.

The twist? If someone rolls doubles, they get to take all the candy in the bowl for themselves!

This game is sure to bring out everyone's competitive side and satisfy their sugar cravings.


11- Drunk Dice

drunk dice party game st patricks day

For adults who are looking for a fun and boozy game, Drunk Dice is the perfect option.

You'll need a set of dice and some drinks of your choice.

Each person takes turns rolling the dice and depending on the numbers rolled, they'll have a series of tasks to complete all related to drinking!

It's a fun way to get tipsy with friends at a St. Patrick's Day party.

Just make sure everyone drinks responsibly.

And use an Irish-themed liquor of course! :)

Get your Drunk Dice Printable PDF here!


12- What Are You Saying? (Irish Slang)

Irish slang st patricks day party game

If you really want to get into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, why not test your knowledge of fun and interesting Irish slang?

This mix and match style game isn't too challenging for people who have NO clue what's what...

But it's also fun and will help spark engaging conversation as people start to use the terms they've learned throughout the rest of the event (and possibly WELL after your event too!)

It's such a great way to keep the party going and make sure everyone is having a good time.

Plus, it's always entertaining to hear your friends try to pronounce Irish words with their best attempt at an accent.

Download your Irish Slang Trivia game here.


13- Word Scramble

st patricks day word scramble

Unscramble the St. Patrick's Day-themed words to reveal the secret message. It's a brain teaser that's both entertaining and educational.

These words can be a bit challenging - but that's the fun part!

Get your St. Patrick's Day Word Scramble game here.


14- St. Patrick's Day Trivia

st pats irish trivia

Test your knowledge of all things St. Patrick's Day with a round of trivia! From the history and origin of the holiday to popular Irish traditions and symbols, this activity will have everyone learning something new.

You can even turn it into a competition by dividing into teams and seeing who knows their St. Paddy's facts best.

And who knows, the winners might just get a prize or bragging rights for the rest of the night.

Get your St. Patty's Day Trivia Game For Adults here.


15- Guess The Price

This fun game lists several Irish or St. Patrick's Day-themed items. And guests are instructed to guess the average US price of each item.

Once they've guessed a price for each, they total the amount and come up with one number at the end.

Whoever comes closest to the true answer - wins!

This game is really cool because most people will be WAY off on some prices.

It sparks conversation as answers can be shocking!

It's the perfect icebreaker!


16- True or False

Test your guests' knowledge of St. Patrick's Day with this True or False trivia game.

Create a list of statements about the holiday and have guests guess whether they are true or false.

The answer key is provided, and again - some of the most obvious answers are FALSE!

Explanations are given for false answers, so this is as great a learning opportunity as it is fun.


17- Pass The Prize (Left or Right)

Last but not least, this fun, creative story game will have everyone laughing and vying for a prize.

The way it works is there's a short story printed on a card, and woven throughout the tale are the words "LEFT" and "RIGHT".

So for example, "He went LEFT when he should have gone RIGHT, and was sad that he didn't go the RIGHT way!"

You start by giving a randomly chosen guest a gift.

Every time the word LEFT is read in the story, they pass it to their left.

Every time the word RIGHT is read, they pass it to their right.

When the story ends, whoever has the gift gets to keep it!

Get your St. Patrick's Left or Right game here.


Get Your St. Patrick's Games Now

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You could create all these games yourself and hope that you get it right, make sure everything prints well, is the right size, is decorated pleasingly, and everything matches.

But that could take hours of valuable time that you could be spending making sure other aspects of your St. Patrick's Day party are a hit!

Why stress yourself out?

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