14 Super-Duper Fun Solar Eclipse Viewing Party Games For All Ages

14 Super-Duper Fun Solar Eclipse Viewing Party Games For All Ages

If you're gearing up for a fun-fulled solar eclipse viewing party, I've got just the thing to make your gathering shine brighter than the stars themselves.

Here are some of the best eclipse and astronomy-themed printable games to ensure your event is a raging success!

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1- What's Your Solar Eclipse Name?

solar eclipse whats your name game


The most popular solar eclipse viewing activity BY FAR is the "What's Your Solar Eclipse Name" game!

It's so cute because at the beginning of the day or party, you give each person a sheet that asks them for the last digit of their age, the first letter of their name, and the month they were born. 

Then based on their answers, the activity works like a name generator, where they get a fun and silly name for the day!

This game even comes with a sheet of printable name tags. 

If you use sticker-backed printing paper, then you can cut them along the provided cut marks and each person gets to wear their new name for the event! 

Get this game now and have it just in time for the big day!


2- Planet Picture Trivia

planet picture trivia

Perfect for all ages, this printable activity is so easy to understand.

Guests look at the pictures on the page and identify which is which.

Once everyone is finished, reveal the answers and see who got everything right.

So cute and fun - what's not to love?

Grab yours now so you'll be ready!


3- Answer Fast

Quick thinking and speedy responses are the keys to success in “Answer Fast”. This game encourages lively interaction and hilarious moments as guests race to list three items in as many categories as possible before time runs out.

For your solar eclipse viewing party or classroom event, you naturally want to create categories related to space or the eclipse.

For example, you could choose categories such as “3 planets” or "3 items in space".

This adds a fun element to the game, reinforces learning, and encourages lively discussion about the topic!


4- Word Search

solar eclipse viewing party games

Printable word searches are loads of fun, and I've created two versions for you to try out!

First is the super simple version that's appropriate for little kids. 

If you're using this in class, kids will have tons of fun sharing what they already know about the words once they find them. Then, you can go deeper into any explanations you want to share.

The harder version is great for older teens and even adults!

So if you're hosting an eclipse viewing party at home for friends and family, you can have both versions to share with everyone!

Get the kid-friendly version here.

Get the harder version now.


5- Pass the Prize

solar eclipse pass the prize printable game

Designed to add a dash of excitement to any gathering, "Pass the Prize" revolves around a simple poem that brings everyone together. Whether you choose to read the poem aloud or have each participant read along, it's not only a delightful activity but also an excellent reading practice for younger children and students, making learning fun!

All you need to start the game is a small gift, which will serve as the coveted prize. The game unfolds as follows:

  • Begin by reading the poem, either aloud for everyone or together, with each person reading their copy.
  • As the poem is read, follow the instructions detailing the movement of the gift around the room.
  • The game culminates with the prize landing in the hands of one lucky participant – the person holding the gift at the end of the poem gets to keep it!

"Pass the Prize" is a brilliantly simple concept that promises heaps of fun. So, why not include it in your solar eclipse celebration plans? It's guaranteed to be a hit among guests of all ages!

Get Pass the Prize here!


6- Finish the Phrase

solar eclipse viewing party games

Finish the phrase is always a big hit at any event, and your solar eclipse viewing party will be NO exception!

First, one person at random is chosen to create the “answer key”, where they will write one word to “finish the phrase” based on each of several given words.

Once the answer key is created, all the other guests fill out their game cards with their best guesses as to how the answer key was completed.

Whoever gets the most correct answers wins the game!

Get Finish The Phrase for your astronomy or eclipse viewing party here!



7- Guess the Price

Next, guess the price is always a fun time!

In this space-themed version, give each guest a copy of the sheet and allow them to guess the price of each of the space-themed items on the list.

Once finished, they add the total of their estimates.

Whoever comes closest to the true total wins!

Get Space Guess the Price here!


8- Solar Eclipse True Or False

solar eclipse trivia

This true or false trivia game is both educational and fun! 

It's interesting enough to engage teens or adults, but still easy enough to understand for younger kids to get something out of it too!  

Test your knowledge about solar eclipses with these true or false questions and see who gets the most correct answers.

Get Solar Eclipse True Or False for your next eclipse viewing party!


Final thoughts

solar eclipse viewing party games

You can make all these games yourself, of course. But why?

It takes so much time and energy to do that.

So save yourself all those resources and download these games!

You can get individual games but I highly recommend checking out the Solar Eclipse MEGA bundle I've put together!

It's got 14 games for you to instantly download, print, and enjoy!

Warmest wishes and cosmic cheers,

-Alex 🚀

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