Throwing An Office Party? Add These Games For A Great Time

Throwing An Office Party? Add These Games For A Great Time

Are you planning to throw an unforgettable office party that will have everyone talking for weeks?

Whether it's a holiday celebration, a team-building event, or simply a chance to let loose and break the ice among coworkers, adding fun and engaging games can turn a good party into a great one.

In this blog post, we're diving into the ultimate list of games guaranteed to bring laughter, camaraderie, and a touch of competitive spirit to your next office gathering.

From classic icebreakers to innovative challenges that will have your team collaborating in ways they never imagined, get ready to take notes as we explore how to elevate your office party with these must-have games.


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1- Office Party Pass The Prize

First up, Pass the Prize is a classic game that will help employees and coworkers break the ice and have a great time!

You'll need a small gift appropriate for the workplace. A gift card is usually a great idea!

The way it works is you'll have a short poem or funny story that everyone can read (either you can read it aloud or you can print it out so everyone can follow along.)

The poem or story will instruct everyone where to pass the gift, and seeing where it lands is so fun.

Whoever holds the gift at the end of the game wins!

Get your Pass the Prize printable game here.




2- Office Party Anagram

Another game you can play at your office or work party is an anagram race!

This is such a fun game that people of all ages can enjoy.

Set a timer and have guests break down a larger word or phrase into as many smaller words as they can.

You can make it easier or harder by adjusting the length of time or the requirements.

For example, you can encourage guests to create words related to office or corporate life exclusively to make things more challenging.

Get your Office Party Anagram game here.



3- Finish The Phrase

Finish the phrase is always a big hit at any event, and your office or work party will be NO exception!

First, one person at random is chosen to create the “answer key,” where they will write one word to “finish the phrase” based on each of several given words.

Once the answer key is created, all the other guests fill out their game cards with their best guesses as to how the answer key was completed.

Whoever gets the most correct answers wins the game!

Get Finish The Phrase here!

4- Office Party Scavenger Hunt

office party scavenger hunt

If you're looking for a super fun and unique game to play, then this office party scavenger hunt is the perfect idea!

Players will solve riddles that guide them to different clues hidden in the office, and whoever makes it to the end first wins!

This version of the scavenger hunt comes with twenty riddle cards to cut out and hide. I've also included blank cards so you can put your own clues if needed.

(You don't even have to use all twenty, but the more the better!)

Check out the Office Party Scavenger Hunt here!


5- Office Acronyms

office party games

How well do your coworkers and employees know common acronyms? Find out in this cute challenge!

For each question players are given a scenario to consider.

It's up to them to decide what common office acronym fits the situation.

You can time this game for a minute or two and see if they can get the right answers.

It's so much fun!

Get your Corporate Acronyms game here!

Final thoughts

These office party icebreakers will help your team bond and have a great time at your event. Remember to keep the tone light and fun and ensure everyone feels included and comfortable participating.

With these games, your office party is sure to be a success! So start planning and get ready for an unforgettable night with your colleagues.



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