9 Ice Cream Party Games That Will Make Your Celebration Unforgettable!

9 Ice Cream Party Games That Will Make Your Celebration Unforgettable!

Summer is synonymous with the sweet, cooling delight of ice cream. But what takes a simple ice cream gathering from enjoyable to unforgettable? The answer lies in adding an element of playful competition and laughter.

That's why we've scooped up 9 ice cream party games that are guaranteed to bring smiles, giggles, and an extra dose of fun to your celebration.

Whether you're hosting a birthday bash, a family reunion, or just a casual get-together with friends, these games will ensure your event is remembered long after the last cone has been licked clean.

So grab your spoons (and maybe a napkin or two), and let's dive into the coolest party games lineup that's sure to make your ice cream social the highlight of everyone's summer!


Ice Cream Trivia

ice cream trivia quiz for national sundae day or ice cream month

Everyone loves a good trivia game. Ice cream trivia is a fantastic way to get everyone engaged.

Ask questions like "Which country eats the most ice cream per capita?" or "What are the original flavors of Neapolitan ice cream?"

Reward correct answers with mini ice cream treats!

Get your printable ice cream trivia game here!


What's Your Ice Cream Name?

Create a fun "What's Your Ice Cream Name?" generator.

Use the first letter of participants' names and their birth months to come up with silly ice cream names like "Frosty Vanilla Sprinkle" or "Choco Mint Delight."

Print out a chart and let everyone find their funny ice cream name.

Get your name tag generator here. (It comes with name tags and a party sign!)


Ice Cream Bingo

national ice cream month ice cream bingo

Ice Cream Bingo is a must-have! Print out bingo cards with ice cream-related images. Include things like cones, sundaes, sprinkles, and more.

Hand out the cards and use callout cards to play. First one to get a bingo wins an ice cream-themed prize.

Get your printable Ice Cream Party Bingo cards here (you get 20 unique cards!)


Pass the Prize Left to Right

ice cream party pass the prize national ice cream month

This game is perfect for gift exchanges. Write a fun ice cream-themed story. Every time you say "left" or "right," players pass the prize accordingly.

Whoever holds the prize at the end of the story gets to keep it. It’s a hilarious and interactive game that everyone will love.

Get your ice cream pass the prize here!


Ice Cream Word Search Puzzle

national ice cream month summer party games word search

Keep the kids busy with an ice cream word search puzzle. Create a list of ice cream-related words like "chocolate," "vanilla," "cone," and "sundae."

Print out the word search and let the fun begin. It’s a great way to keep everyone entertained and engaged.

Click here to grab TWO ice cream-themed word searches!


Ice Cream Sundae Relay

ice cream party games

For an active game, try the Ice Cream Sundae Relay. Divide participants into teams. Each team member has to run to a table, add one item to a sundae, and run back. The first team to complete their sundae wins. It's a messy but super fun game!


Pin the Cherry on the Sundae

ice cream party games

A twist on the classic "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Blindfolded players try to pin a cherry on a poster of a sundae. The closest one wins a prize. This game is perfect for younger kids but fun for all ages.


Ice Cream Tasting Contest

ice cream party games

Blindfold participants and have them taste different flavors of ice cream. They have to guess the flavor. The one with the most correct guesses wins. This game is perfect for discovering new flavors and having lots of laughs.


Build Your Own Sundae Station

ice cream party games

Not exactly a game, but a fantastic party activity. Set up a sundae bar with various ice cream flavors, toppings, and sauces. Let everyone create their perfect sundae. It’s a delicious way to end the party on a high note.



An ice cream party is always a hit, and these games will make it even sweeter. From trivia and bingo to fun relays and tasting contests, there's something for everyone. So grab your scoops and sprinkles, and get ready for a cool time!


Don't forget to grab your ice cream party games now. You're going to LOVE them!

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