5 Awesome Party Activities for Tween Girls This Spring

5 Awesome Party Activities for Tween Girls This Spring

Spring has sprung, and what better way to celebrate than with some fabulous party activities designed just for tween girls?

If you’re planning a spring bash and need ideas to keep the fun going, you’re in the right place.

From outdoor movies to creative crafts, these activities are perfect for any springtime party.

Let’s get this party started!


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1- Tween Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Spark some adventure with this fun Tween Scavenger Hunt Challenge, perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings.

This game features 48 beautifully designed cards, each with fun and engaging riddles that will have everyone racing to find the next clue.

It’s an ideal activity for team-building and problem-solving!

Plus the kids will get a fun surprise of your choosing once they reach the end, and they enjoy it a ton!



2- Outdoor Movie Night Extravaganza

Transform your backyard into a movie theater under the stars!

Set up a big screen, scatter cozy blankets and fluffy pillows, and choose a crowd-pleasing movie.

Offer plenty of popcorn and snacks, and you’ll have a magical evening that’s a hit with any tween crowd.

We did this for my niece's 12th birthday a few years ago when Hocus Pocus came out and everybody loved it!


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3- Flower Pot Decorating Contest

If your daughter and her friends are into nature, why not celebrate the beauty of spring with a flower pot decorating contest?

Provide plain pots, paint, stickers, and glitter, and let each guest create their own masterpiece.

Fill the pots with soil and spring flowers or herbs as a lovely take-home gift.

(You can find inexpensive potting materials at the dollar store or online.)


4- Nature-Inspired Craft Station

Another nature-inspired option is to set up a craft station where tweens can use natural materials like leaves, flowers, and stones to make unique art projects.

They could create framed nature collages, decorative wreaths, or even custom jewelry. I

t’s a fantastic way to encourage creativity and a love for nature.


5- Bike Parade and Picnic

Last but not least, you can organize a bike parade where the girls can decorate their bikes with streamers, balloons, and flowers before taking a group ride around the neighborhood.

Finish with a picnic in a local park or your backyard, complete with games and tasty treats.


The bottom line

These five party activities are guaranteed to make your tween girl’s spring party a memorable one.

From creative crafts to thrilling scavenger hunts, there’s something for everybody to enjoy.

Get ready for laughter, creativity, and lots of fun – spring parties have never been this exciting or affordable. 


Oh and by the way... 

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