How To Start A TBR Jar And Unlock Your Next Great Read

How To Start A TBR Jar And Unlock Your Next Great Read

 Are you ever overwhelmed by your growing list of books to read? A TBR (To Be Read) jar might just be the charming solution you're looking for!

Not only does it simplify your reading choices, but it also adds an element of surprise to your reading routine.

Let's dive into how you can start your very own TBR jar today.


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What is a TBR Jar?

A TBR jar is simply a container filled with prompts or titles of books you want to read.

Each slip represents a different book or a unique prompt guiding what you should pick up next. It’s a fantastic way to manage your reading list and keep your literary adventures exciting and unpredictable.

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Examples of TBR Jar Prompts

  •  "Read a book with a blue cover."
  • "Dive into a novel set in a city you've never visited."
  • "Pick a book that starts with the letter 'M'."

These prompts vary from specific book titles to fun challenges that will push the boundaries of your usual reading habits.


Why Start A TBR Jar?

A TBR jar is not just easy, it’s also incredibly rewarding. It reduces decision fatigue, gives your reading habit a new twist, and ensures you're always looking forward to discovering a great book.

Plus, a beautifully crafted TBR jar makes a thoughtful, affordable gift for any book lover in your life—perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because.


How To Start A TBR Jar

Starting a TBR jar is super simple! All you need is (you probably guessed it) - a jar, and a variety of prompts on little slivers of paper. 

Fold the paper up as small as you'd like, toss them in the jar, shake it up whenever you're ready to select a new book, and you're off to the races! 

You can even add a cute little sticky label that says something sweet and inspirational, or tie it with a bow to make it prettier.

(I gifted this to my friend who is an author and avid book reader. I used colored paper to make it look great and she loved it!)


Get TBR Jar Prompts Here

Of course you could create TBR prompts on your own, but it can be challenging to come up with a variety of prompts in the volume you'd need to make this worthwhile.

You need at least 100-200 unique prompts to fill up the jar (but more is ideal.)

Lucky for you, I've done the hard work for you!

I've created a collection of 400 creative, diverse, and engaging prompts that you can instantly download and print right from home!

Whether for yourself or as a gift to a fellow reader, these prompts are your ticket to a world of exciting reads!

They cover ten different categories from setting-based and character-driven to intellectually stimulating and physical characteristics of the book, and everything in between.

Plus, I've included a blank page for you so you can write in your own prompts as you see fit!

Save hours of time, brain-power, and money and instantly download your new TBR jar prompts.

Whether you're giving a gift to someone special or treating yourself to a nice way of clearing out your ever-growing book list - you're in for a real treat.

Happy reading!


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