5 Fun Screen-Free Activities to Keep Kids Engaged Indoors

5 Fun Screen-Free Activities to Keep Kids Engaged Indoors

Keeping kids entertained without screens can be a challenge, especially on rainy days or during spring, summer or winter break when there's nothing to do!

Here are five fantastic activities that are perfect for fostering creativity, critical thinking, and fun—all without turning on a device!


1. Try A Printable Escape Room

secret agent escape room the case of the missing gem for kids ages 7 8 9


Escape rooms are a fantastic way to engage both children and adults in an immersive, interactive experience that combines fun with learning and teamwork.

But they can be quite expensive and they involve leaving your house.

Did you know you can create the same fun and thrills of an in-person escape room from the comfort of home?

Lucky for you, printable escape rooms are the perfect solution to keep kids busy and having fun from home!

These puzzle-based adventures require players to use critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills to decipher clues and complete objectives within a set time frame.

For children, particularly, escape rooms can significantly boost cognitive development and enhance creative reasoning abilities.

They also offer a unique opportunity to practice teamwork, as players must collaborate and share ideas to solve the puzzles.

Moreover, escape rooms are versatile and can be themed to suit any interest, making them perfect for birthday parties, educational activities, or a memorable family game night.

Whether solving crimes in a detective-themed challenge or exploring ancient ruins, escape rooms provide a thrilling adventure that's far removed from the passivity of screen-based entertainment.

For an escape room adventure that you can bring into your home, perfect for kids ages 7-9, check out our Secret Agent-themed printable escape room game!

In just a few minutes you can download, print, and keep one or more kids productive and entertained!

Get it here.

2. Try A Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt for kids

Scavenger hunts are great for kids of all ages and can be played indoors or out.

Tailor a scavenger hunt to include objects around your house or yard.

Add fun clues to solve along the way to make it more challenging and educational.

It's a fantastic way to keep kids moving and using their problem-solving skills.

Check out this printable scavenger hunt for tweens and teens! (Younger kids can enjoy it too!)


3. Trivia Games

Next, to keep kids busy at home without screens you can play trivia games with them - or just print some out for them to try alone! 

 Trivia games are a great way to boost general knowledge, learn new fun facts and keep the mind sharp.

There are plenty of printable trivia games available online for free or you can create your own with questions tailored to your child's interests and age level.

Check out this fun space-themed trivia for kids!


screen free activities kids summer break


4. Arts & Crafts

Get creative with arts and crafts! This is an excellent way to foster imagination and self-expression in kids while keeping them entertained at home.

You can find tons of easy and fun craft ideas online that use materials you likely already have at home such as paper, scissors, glue, and markers.

Kids can make their own personalized bookmarks, finger puppets, or even try their hand at painting or drawing.

The possibilities are endless!


5. Jigsaw and Logic Puzzles

Last but not least, puzzles are an excellent way to engage different parts of the brain.

From jigsaws to more complex logic puzzles, these activities can be adjusted according to the age and ability of the child.

They're perfect for quiet concentration and can be a peaceful way to spend time together.

You can find puzzles anywhere online, but my favorite place to get them is at the dollar store! 

When I go I stock up on those so I always have something fresh and new on hand when my kiddo is home on break or for the weekend.


Which will you choose?

These activities not only keep children entertained without screens but also promote a range of skills from physical activity to creative thinking.

Try introducing these options the next time you're looking for a productive and enjoyable way to spend the day with your kids!

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