5 Unique Graduation Party Activities That Are Sure to Delight

5 Unique Graduation Party Activities That Are Sure to Delight

Graduation is a milestone worth celebrating in style. Whether you're hosting a party for a high school graduate or a college alum, here are five unique activities that will make your event memorable.




1. Graduation Escape Room

Kick off your celebration with an adventure that's out of this world! Mr. Volt's Final Test is not your average party game. It's an immersive journey that takes about an hour, challenging guests aged 13 and up (younger kids can join with a little help) to solve puzzles and escape the lab to make it to your graduation ceremony before time runs out!

This escape room is a fantastic icebreaker, promoting teamwork and communication while giving the host a break as partygoers dive into the fun.

Download, print, and watch your guests scramble to graduate from Dr. Volt's intriguing challenges!

Get your copy here.


2. Pass The Prize

Pass the Prize is a fun game that involves reading a cute story or poem.

The poem contains instructions for where the gift should travel – and it’s so random you never know who’ll win out in the end!

Depending on your group, gift cards, bottles of wine or chocolates are great ideas for small prizes to pass around.

The more creative and fit for the theme of your graduation party, the better!

Check out this fun Pass The Prize game now!


3. Word Search: Graduation Edition

Customize a word search puzzle with words related to graduation and the graduate's journey.

This quieter, thoughtful activity can be a soothing counterpoint to more energetic games.

Offer a small prize for the first few guests who complete the puzzle to add a competitive edge.

You can create your own graduation word search – or…

Get the one I’ve made for you here!


graduation escape room lab science experiment


4. Anagram Race

Challenge your guests to rearrange letters to form words related to graduation, such as "diploma," "success," or the graduate's name.

Set a timer and see who can solve the anagrams the fastest.

This fast-paced game is perfect for sharpening those mental reflexes and gets everyone laughing at the hilarious mistakes along the way.

Check out your Grad-themed Anagram Race now.


Finish The Phrase

Last but not least, you can play Finish The Phrase!

Prepare a list of phrases related to school or graduation for guests to complete, like "Pomp and ___." or "The future is ___."

Guests can shout out their answers, and the funniest or most appropriate responses win. It’s a great way for everyone to share a laugh and showcase their creativity.

Or, you can do the printable version that’s already created for you!

Pick one person (I recommend the guest of honor) to fill out the phrases first, thus creating the answer key.

Then, give everyone else a sheet to fill out with their best guess as how the answer key is completed.

Whoever gets the most correct answers wins.

It’s a simple game but really tons of fun.

You’ll be so glad you added it to your list of activities at your graduation party!

You can grab Finish The Phrase here.


Grad Party Games


The Bottom Line

These activities are not just fun; they’re a way to add an extra layer of personalization and excitement to your graduation party.

Whether solving puzzles in an escape room or racing against the clock in an anagram challenge, there’s something here to engage every guest.

Celebrate this significant achievement with games that everyone will remember for years to come!

Have fun at your event!


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