9 Fun Activities for Your Next Book Club Meeting That Will Make Everyone Excited to Read!

9 Fun Activities for Your Next Book Club Meeting That Will Make Everyone Excited to Read!

Hosting a book club meeting is more than just discussing the latest read.

It's about building connections, sharing laughs, and creating memorable experiences.

If you're looking to spice up your next gathering, here are nine fun activities that will keep everyone engaged and entertained.

From printable games to interactive challenges, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Book Club Bingo

book club meeting bingo 20 cards
Book Club Bingo is an absolute must for any book club meeting. This fun game features cute and relevant items like coffee mugs, stacks of books, reading glasses, and cozy blankets.

Each member gets a bingo card, and as the host calls out items, players mark off their squares.

The first to complete a line wins!

When I played this with my reading group, it added an extra layer of excitement and was a great icebreaker.

It's perfect for keeping everyone engaged and focused on the theme of the meeting!

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Pass the Prize Left to Right

Pass the Prize Left to Right is a delightful game where a poem is read aloud, instructing where a gift goes around the room.

The last person to hold it wins. This game creates suspense and laughter, as the prize can end up anywhere!

Great gift ideas include book-themed gift cards, bookmarks, or a cozy blanket.

When we played this, the anticipation was palpable, and the winner's excitement was contagious. It's a simple yet thrilling activity that everyone will love.

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Finish the Phrase

Finish the Phrase is a creative game where participants complete book-themed phrases. One person creates an answer key with words, like "bookworm" or "bookstore."

The others try to match their answers to the key. The closest match wins!

This game challenges your creativity and knowledge, making it perfect for any book club. It was a hit at our last meeting, sparking interesting conversations and lots of laughs.

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Book Club Charades

book club charades for library reading lovers bookworms
Charades is always a crowd-pleaser, and it gets even better with book-related scenarios.

Act or draw scenes from popular books, and whoever guesses the most correctly wins. This game encourages everyone to think on their feet and use their imagination.

During our last session, we had a blast trying to act out complex book titles and characters. It's a great way to get everyone moving and having fun.

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Anagram Race

In the Anagram Race, participants create as many words as possible from the larger word "bookstore." The person with the most words wins.

This game is a fantastic way to sharpen your word skills and have fun at the same time.

Our book club loved the challenge, and it sparked a friendly competition. It's a simple yet effective way to keep everyone engaged.

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TBR Prompts

to be read tbr reading prompts
TBR (To Be Read) Prompts are perfect for book clubs looking to expand their reading lists.

With a set of 400 prompts, this game helps select the next book for the group. Members draw a prompt and suggest a book that fits the theme.

This activity can lead to discovering hidden gems and diversifying your reading.

We found some amazing books through this method, and it keeps our reading lists fresh and exciting!

Book Speed Dating

book club meeting hosting activities event planning ideas

Book Speed Dating is a fun and fast-paced activity where members bring a book they love and have two minutes to pitch it to the group. After hearing all the pitches, everyone votes on which book to read next.

This game is great for introducing new titles and hearing passionate recommendations. It's a fantastic way to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Literary Trivia

book club meeting hosting activities event planning ideas

Test your book knowledge with Literary Trivia. Prepare a list of questions related to popular books, authors, and literary terms.

Divide the group into teams and see who knows the most. This game is both educational and entertaining, perfect for any book club meeting. We had a lot of fun testing our knowledge and learning new facts.

Book Tasting

book club meeting hosting activities event planning ideas

Host a Book Tasting event where members bring a few of their favorite books and set them up at different "stations." Each person spends a few minutes at each station, sampling the books and jotting down their thoughts.

After the tasting, everyone shares their impressions. This activity is a fantastic way to explore new genres and authors.





Final Thoughts

These fun and engaging activities will make your book club meetings more enjoyable and interactive. From bingo to trivia, there's something for everyone to love.

Try out these games at your next gathering, and watch as your book club becomes even more lively and connected.

Oh and by the way... sign up using the form above and download your first game FREE!

Happy reading and playing!

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